Application Express

Workforce Analytics Product

Persistent change is a business reality and the pace of change is increasing. For your organisation to stay relevant, it needs the ability to adapt and transform just as quickly. Our platform enables organisations build applications once that will automatically run on any device or platform with zero experience in development. Integrating your new creations with other systems could require a bit of programming knowledge but we can help you with that.

Key Features

  • Workflow Pattern Flexibility – The workflow engine has been designed for flexibility to improve the operational efficiency of any business process. It can handle very complex requirements.
  • Form Designer – We have made it possible for business users who want to create their own forms to do so through our simple and yet intuitive Form Designer.
  • Role Based Access control – We make it simple for you to manage security at each stage of a process though role based access control.
  • Report Generation – We have made it easy to build custom charts, reports and dashboards and route this critical information to key players through our powerful reporting engine.
  • Email notification – The system has email notification built into its core. All stakeholders are constantly notified at every stage of a process or workflow. The Email Notification engine may be switched on or off at any time.
  • Document Integration – Documents can be integrated into any stage of the workflow.
  • Easy integration with other systems – We have made it simple for the system to interact with any system. This includes pulling data from other systems or sending information to other systems in your environment.
  • Audit Trail – We keep track of who did what, when and from where.
  • Organizational Awareness – Organizational awareness is a level of understanding of different aspects of the organisation including workings and structure of the organization. This allows us to intelligently route and escalate issues by role.

How to get a Key?
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Persistent change is a business reality

Build applications once that will automatically run on any device